J (drunkontea) wrote in michigan2008,

art history?

Has anyone taken any art history classes this semester? For some reason, everyone I've talked to has said that art history classes are hard so I'm wondering what your opinions are. I'm considering taking histart 103 (Arts of Asia) winter semester.
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the art history i took was murder. it's a part of the art school so it's not quite the same, but it really did suck. from what i've heard though, the ones in LSA are much better.

I need a miracle for this exam.....someone please help me.
I actually took Histart 271 this semester (Origins of Modernism in France) with Prof. Howard Lay, this was an amazing class. Yes, the grading is very subjective and is done by the GSI so as much as I liked it, I know that I'm not getting an A but I would still take another class.