That one blonde dude. (zigziggityzoo) wrote in michigan2008,
That one blonde dude.

Who protested the protesters today? Anyone see the scrawny blonde haired dude handing out signs that said "GSIs: GET YOUR ASS BACK IN CLASS!" all over central campus? well, that was me. they're a bunch of friggen idiots.
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I approve. Too bad I didn't see you, I would have taken a sign.
hah that was definitely a good idea....GSI's suck!
you are victorious on this day.
Good on you, man. They can strike as soon as I get a tuition refund for my missed classes...
haha yeah thats like 100 dollars per day... damn
Can't say I complained about missing my 8:30 Spanish class (nor was I in any shape to be going to class, after the Wednesday night I had) but I definitely approve.